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Directory of retail service providers

Below is a directory of retail service providers (RSP) currently offering ultra-fast broadband (UFB) services over fibre and via the rural broadband initiative (RBI). This lists RSPs who have worked with, and will be providing information to the Ministry of Education on developing and testing products over fibre.

This directory is intended as a starting point for schools that have already received a Government funded fibre drop and are in the process of selecting an Internet service to enable UFB access. Please note – not all the providers listed will necessarily have developed products specifically for schools.

The Ministry does not endorse any specific RSPs and recommends that schools carry out usual due diligence before signing any service contracts.

The following lists RSPs currently available. As other RSPs’ services become available, this list will be expanded.

Company name and contact details Nature of services Status


0800 892 225


CallPlus provide customised school packages that leverage UFB and RBI initiatives and include many smart school features to enhance learning and teaching, and streamline administration (Internet access, IP voice, and many optional add-ons including WIFI).

They provide a school fundraising contribution through their Better Schools Programme.  

Service offered nationwide.

InSPire Net

0800 484 363


Ultra-fast broadband (UFB), our own Fibre and high speed wireless enabled Internet, iLoop school loop services, Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) delivery. Services in Whanganui, Rangitikei, Manawatu and Tararua districts, to both urban and rural schools.

Kiwilink Internet Services

0800 894 198


Ultra-fast broadband (UFB) with free/unlimited national data. Free Hosted VOIP PBX services with bundled plan and unlimited extensions. VDSL2 for schools who do not yet have access to UFB.

Reseller plan available for schools to generate income from school family referrals.

Nationwide to schools in both the UFB and RBI initiatives (NB: some regional exclusions apply).

Lightwire Limited

0800 12 13 14



Ultra-fast broadband (UFB), RBI and other services. Lightwire has its own fast wireless network in some areas of the Waikato where UFB and RBI are not available. VOIP is available through a referral partner.

Lightwire is offering Waikato schools a UFB connection at a monthly per student flat rate. For RBI schools there is a minimum monthly fee; which is a pass through cost of the connection fee. There is no data cap.

Lightwire can set up wireless networks at your school with an add-on Internet management service available.

Waikato wide coverage is available for all services.


0800 GET NOW


Ultra-fast broadband (UFB), calling and other services. Services available throughout Hawkes Bay, Central Hawkes Bay and Rotorua.


0800 55 2000


Ultra-fast broadband (UFB), IP voice services and data plans – all specifically designed for schools under the UFB and RBI initiatives. Nationwide to schools in both the UFB and RBI initiatives (NB: some regional exclusions apply). 

Snap Internet Ltd



Snap provide ultra-fast broadband (UFB) for clusters or individual schools to deliver Internet, VOIP, and other services. Snap offers both 50/50Mbps and 100/100Mbps plans to UFB and RBI schools around New Zealand with a flat fee for up to 100 students, additional usage is charged per student, and plans include membership and access to REANNZ.  National coverage through UFB and RBI.  More information on the Snap website »


0800 287 463


Telecom have local business hubs across New Zealand dedicated to supporting school ultra-fast broadband (UFB) and rural broadband initiative (RBI) needs. They have a range of package options available for small through to very large schools. Telecom Business Hubs have access to a complete list of the Fibre & RBI services available to schools.

The Packing Shed

0800 323002

Andrew Bevin

Ultra-fast broadband (UFB), Counties Power Fibre Broadband, Voice over IP delivery. Catering to the Franklin region for schools in both the UFB and RBI initiatives. 

Uber Group

09 438 5472


Ultra-fast broadband (UFB) enabled Internet access and other services. Services available in Whangarei only.

Vector Communications

0800 826 436



Vector Communications have over 50 schools connected to its  EduNet service which is designed especially for schools. EduNet is available over UFB and RBI in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Napier/Hastings, Wellington, and Christchurch.


09 430 0344


Ultra-fast broadband (UFB) enabled Internet access and other services. Services available in Whangarei only.

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