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Fibre connection

As the fibre is rolled out past the school, the provider arranges for a fibre connection to link your school into the ultra-fast broadband network. This runs from the fibre in the street across the school grounds and into a point within your school (usually the server room).

Fibre connection

Who does what in the fibre connection process

This chart shows the process for your fibre connection (when your school gets connected to the fibre in the street). It also shows what the school, the fibre provider and the Ministry of Education need to do to complete your connection.

Fibre connection process for schools

Currently schools are receiving their fibre connection ahead of ultra-fast broadband internet services being available in most areas. With services expected to become more widely available in 2012, you can prepare, in the meantime, by looking at your school’s current and future ICT requirements. You may also want to talk to other schools in your area being connected within the same timeframe to see if they’re interested in buying services as a group. This will ensure you’re in a good position to negotiate with ultra-fast broadband service providers when they launch services in your area.

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