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Netsafe – New research reveals the online lives of NZ kids

03 October 2019

Netsafe has released Ngā taiohi matihiko o Aotearoa - New Zealand Kids Online looking at the online experiences of Kiwi kids and their confidence in their online safety skills.

Summary of findings

  • Most New Zealand children have frequent access to the internet, with 77% saying they can often or always go online.
  • The most common places for children to access the internet are at home (96%) and at school (89%).
  • Children use multiple, preferably portable, digital devices to go online. Overall the most commonly used devices are laptop or notebook computers (76%), and smartphones (72%). However, among older children (15-17 years) smartphones are the most frequently used device (93%).
  • Most children said they are confident about their digital skills. However, younger children (9-11 years) are less so than other age groups, particularly in regard to managing privacy.
  • Most children use the internet for entertainment, learning, and socialising, e.g. 90% watched video clips at least once a week. However, children are much less likely to go online for community engagement, civic participation and creative opportunities, e.g. 15% created and shared their own video or music.
  • Social media is ubiquitous among children of all ages who use these tools primarily for socialising and entertainment. There are some gender differences regarding social interaction through social media.

Read the full report, Exploring NZ children's internet access, skills and opportunities »