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Enabling e-Learning brings together relevant information, resources, and communities to support teachers and schools in developing their e-learning practice.  More »

What does future-focused learning and teaching look like? What ideas and principles underpin it? What makes it different from other teaching and learning practices? How do we change our practice to become inclusive and build an environment where akonga/learners, teachers, and whānau work together?

Dr David Parsons explains the need to teach higher level thinking skills and develop key competencies using technology to prepare akonga for the 21st century.  Learn more »

NetSafe invites students to create a campaign for Web Rangers

NetSafe and Google NZ have teamed up to launch New Zealand’s first Web Ranger...

Seeking parental permission for the use of online apps

NetSafe are looking at the types of permission processes that schools have es...

Schools as Digital Hubs

Schools with ultra-fast broadband can now share their fibre connections with...

Supporting future-oriented learning and teaching - a New Zealand perspective
The report discusses some emerging principles for future learning, how these are currently expressed in New Zealand educational thinking and practice, and what they could look like in future practice.

ICT in schools report 2011
The Internet is having a significant impact on teaching and learning. Read about schools' infrastructures, use of technologies, professional development, and requirements for successful deployment of ultra-fast broadband.

e-Learning and Implications for New Zealand Schools: A literature Review
Read the latest findings, suggesting improved learning outcomes for all students including Māori.

The Ministry of Education is working to ensure schools are well placed to take advantage of learning with digital technologies. To support your school to connect to, and make the most of, the N4L managed network go to  Connecting to the N4L managed network.

Priority learners are groups of students who have been identified as historically not experiencing success in the New Zealand schooling system. These include Māori and Pacific learners, those from low socio-economic backgrounds, and students with special education needs. Find out more about priority learners and e-learning »

This resource illustrates how e-learning examples can be used to support the Registered Teacher Criteria. The twelve criteria have been "unpacked" with examples provided for each criteria.  Learn more »

The framework enables schools to identify where they are in terms of e-learning capability, and plan their next step. Phases of the eLPF describe pedagogical development and technology integration.  Find out more about this new content »

e-Learning is learning and teaching that is facilitated by or supported through the appropriate use of information and communication technologies. Read more »

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