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Professional learning

There is always more to learn about using digital technology effectively in your teaching practice and sharing your knowledge and ideas with others.

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Practising Teacher Criteria and e-learning updated

The Practising Teacher Criteria and e-learning  section has been updated. The twelve criteria have been "unpacked" with practical examples provided for each criterion. Use the examples to set goals, build digital fluency, reflect on and develop teacher practice. 

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Story Hui is a group storytelling process that can be used by teachers to evaluate 21st century learning in deeper and wider terms. Story Hui combines teachers' success stories with visual mapping, digital transcripts, and a group questioning process that helps to uncover hidden meaning, value, and impact.

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This paper briefly outlines the importance of professional learning in the secondary school context, reviews relevant research on professional learning groups, and then outlines the experiences of two schools that have introduced such groups.
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These free self-paced learning modules can be used for personal or staff professional development. Questions for reflection and discussion are contained in each module.

The modules are designed to be flexible, so you can select the content that is relevant to you and your school from each of them.

There are four modules covering:

Deputy Principal, Vicki Trainor explains why teacher inquiry was used as a method of professional development at Holy Cross School following the development of their e-learning strategic plan. 

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The e-Learning Planning Framework enables schools to identify where they are in terms of e-learning capability, and plan their next step.

The eLPF online survey tool supports this review and provides data for easy analysis. 

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