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Digital technologies – update for schools

05 April 2017

Nikki Kaye addressed the Secondary Principals' Association Annual Conference today. She talked about the role of digital technology and school infrastructure in the modernisation of the education system. She explained the importance of teacher supply, and how greater collaboration through Communities of Learning will help schools navigate a more successful path into the future. Key points from her speech relating to e-learning and digital technologies are outlined below.

Developing digital fluency

"Digital fluency is one of the five priority areas in teachers’ professional learning and development."

"The Ministry has set up a $1 million contestable fund, to support innovative learning projects that capture students’ imagination, and help them become skilled in using and developing digital technologies."

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Communities of Online Learning

"Communities of Online Learning are about supplementing and complementing learning in the classroom, not replacing it. The Virtual Learning Network is seeing schools across New Zealand come together as one online community, or a 'classroom without walls'. Communities of Online Learning will give students access to a wider range of subjects and teaching expertise."

Strengthening digital technologies within the curriculum

Equipping students with the right skills to participate in a 21st Century economy means equipping them to be creators, and not just users, of digital technology.

To support the new curriculum content, the Ministry is developing learning progressions for the design of digital technologies. This will help teachers deliver the rich, meaningful learning opportunities that will make a difference for all learners.

"The new curriculum content and the progressions will underpin the development of the NCEA Achievement Standards, meaning clearer learning pathways for digital technologies across the whole of the students’ schooling."

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